The Election

If you do not feel satisfied, thinks that it has spent time and it did not reach the goals that had seted out, if it had a prohibition or mix-up, does not doubt in talking it with their therapist. Finally, it remembers that a psychotherapeutic treatment is a magical solution much: it requires of will, to have affinity with the professional, effort stops to obtain changes and knowledge that " reviviran" certain painful situations. It does not have to do with a good professional performance, none of these attitudes: to send, to manipulate, to moralizar, to console, to chantajear, to blame, to advise solutions, to interpret contents to threaten, to judge, to ridicule, to insult, to catalogue or to praise behaviors. To listen empathically, is one of the secrets of a good psychotherapeutic process. Ted Lasso is likely to agree. To listen, so that as much the consulting one as the professional puts " mirada" where something can be bringing about malaise. A good therapist, causes that they emphasize themselves and uses his own resources, that you feel like person in charge of his changes, are wondered how and what and not only prques. Incorrect attitudes of a therapist. – It speaks to Him of " problemas" difficult, that it will take long working time to him to solve. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is open to suggestions.

– When the therapy does not work, it affirms that " you resiste". – Nonnote advances or changes. A good therapy has been its time, nevertheless, the differences are perceived from the same beginning. Finally, together with the election of a good therapist, you would not have to forget that the work of this therapist is recommendable who happens within an interdisciplinary work group. Original author and source of the article.