Temporary Internet Files

Interesting web page in which it is possible to perform a kind of virtual trip folders and hidden directories of our operating system and know little-known files whose true use and purpose is discussed. Travel is provided visually by opening and using an HTA page, which has links that allow you to directly open the location of the directories listed in our browser simultaneously. This application only works if you use the Internet Explorer browser, the only one compatible with the HTA (internet application) format. Charlotte Hornets is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Each folder or directory mentioned in the article, its path and location is offered, but to some it is impossible to access using our browser, due to the restrictions imposed by Windows, in these cases only you can display it using HTA application mentioned above. All these hidden folders which is page describes its features, functions, and its location, some examples are: the Temporary Internet Files folder (temporary files of) Internet) folder Content.IE5 folder history.

The Cookies folder. Files Flash Cookies index.dat. Regarding some of these files real use has been highly questioned and debated, there are discrepancies regarding what has been published by Microsoft officially what believe and say several people on the internet. You have the option to download batch applications that allow you to view, list and optionally delete several files, whose purpose is revealed here is only the register data and private information and the user’s personal, are also susceptible to be tracked by spyware programs or by anyone accessing our PC across the network. Access the page at the link below. Journey through the hidden files from Windows if you have your doubts of the possibility of accessing our personal files over the network, or you feel any type of interest in this subject so passionate, you can also read another article on the next page that deals with this topic.