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Dynamic Generating DForm of deeventos forms for management, this system makes possible automatic form generation parainscrio in events. It makes possible the control of the number of enrolled, encerrandoas registrations after reached the number has limited. Speaking candidly Robbie Lawler told us the story. The desired fields are definidosdinamicamente, allowing to the great flexibility with regard to the requested data queso of the participants. Being the desenvolvedores, Claude Lemon Son, LuisGuilherme Fernandes Pear tree. This being a free software, does not possess no cost for ousurio, it is enough to make registration in the site, and to lower the program. SiSaweb System for evaluation and certification of knowledge.

It allows the creation of a data base of questions, which are atribudosnveis distinct of difficulty. The instructor can determine the degree dedificuldade of the examinations, determining the percentage of easy questions, average oudifceis. The tests are created dynamically, according to critriosespecificados, offering to each pupil a differentiated set. nUnicamp is used to verify the prerequisite ones to frequent courses of capacitaode short duration. Had the same to be a free software it does not have no cost, to lower is enough to clicar in the site: , or through the page of the Unicamp. Requirements of the system the requirements for the installation of the system are: Web server tested Version: Apache 1.3.22 MySQL Server, any version of the series 3.23.x or maisrecente.

Tested version: 3.23.36 Language PHP, any version of the series 4.0.x or maisrecente. Tested version: 4.1.1 Installation of the system the installation of the system involves the following steps: first – To unpack the system: to tar – zxpvf SisA-Web.tar.gz 2o. – To create the bank: In the MySQL &#039 creates the bank; ' provas' ' it types in mysql: create database tests; 3o. – Loading the bank: In the SisA-Web directory we have the provas.sql.gz archive, makes oseguinte: it copies this archive for the place where it is the bank tests (generally/var/lib/mysql/provas). Chapter 1 After this p 4o. – A last thing that must be made is to change apermisso of the directory img/and reports being allowed the writing. Thus ainsero of images and the creation of reports will be possible. Soon, now to have access the system it is enough to type the caminhoespecificado one in common_info.php and to enter in the system: Login: admin Password: admin For more information the manual of software is lowered juntocom the same.>