Sustainability Conference

Without corporate responsibility no successful brand management. Behringen/Eisenach, 30.09.2013 – the participants expect TOP speakers, including the future researchers and journalists Oliver W. Schwarzmann and the spokesman of the Council for sustainable development of the free State of Thuringia Ron Hoffmann as well as hosts, sales trainer and prize-winner of the Green franchise awards Jurgen Pranto. Mutually growth and sustainability? Do we need a sustainable development policy and sustainable sales concepts? These are the TOP issues are handled on this day of sustainability. Away from the everyday business sustainability, which plays an increasing role in business life, will be discussed and discussed. It is on this day not only to the national sustainable development policy.

As responsible, sustainably-minded entrepreneurs we must confront the future ever-increasing influence of ecology, economy and Social Affairs on our lives, in our regional environment. For us Sustainability is commitment and challenge at the same time,”Jurgen Dawo says, Chariman of which show EKA e. V. real sustainability is through the responsible use with man and nature, environment and resources”, as Jurgen Dawo you only have influence on, whether customers place an order you or not. Together with partners, such as the Bund fur Umwelt und Naturschutz Germany, Landesverband Thuringen e.V., the massive house party town & country house, Hainich National Park and the Vald GmbH & co. KG invites the EKA e.V.

on the sustainability Conference. Each participant will receive a certificate by the Association which confirmed the employment with sustainability. Location: Valenzuela Feng Shui Center, Wartburgstrasse 1, 99817 Eisenach date: 07 November 2013; 09:30 – 17:30 Registration forms and further information under: 3-sustainability Konfer.134.0.html about the EKA: the European Academy of communication for education and consulting projects e. V. as a non-profit organization was founded in 1994. Their seat is now in the Thuringian Behringen, directly to the Hainich National Park. The EKA focuses on the sharing of experiences, skills and knowledge from the fields of construction, value retention and rehabilitation. At the same time, training courses, lectures, seminars and symposia serve as platforms and catalysts. Since 2010, the EKA has the future research increasingly. The EKA is the ECS Academy. It was founded in 1974 by Hans Oberhollenzer, Hans Burkle and Wolfgang Mewes. Since then, which is a bottleneck concentrated strategy”a proven management and marketing concept. In 2010, the successful and award-winning entrepreneur Jurgen Dawo has acquired the rights to the Academy of EKS and attached them to the EKA. 2013 was the 17th sculptor Symposium of EKA, titled “in Hainich National Park, in the Thuringian Behringen habitats.