Sony Gold

'We have already mentioned that a number of leading fans' top ten' on channel 'Russia' Sony Gold replenishes with each ether. Recently, Sony has occurred in the life of a very funny event. "Somewhere around two weeks ago on my phone an unknown number have come with the compliments of sms to my address and an invitation to dinner '- says Sonia. Gina Bonati has compatible beliefs. Yesterday, when the presenter came out of the door, she found his car near the Lexus, which was lying on a bumper bundle of white roses. 'At a time when I passed the machine on my phone again, it's sms, stating that the car is my gift. By the way, I love white roses, it means that the person who gave it all he knew about my preferences. To be honest, I felt a little ill at ease '- says Sonia. It turns out that a secret admirer of Sonia decided to make a generous a present, thinking that the tv presenter then agree to go with him to dinner. 'I, Of course, it is nice that men like me, and they are willing to do me such gifts, but all the same I'm not used to obtain them from unfamiliar people and get used to not going to "- explains Sonia. So, despite its generosity, the newly-born 'Pseudo-fan' was no dinner with the star, but with a new car Lexus, of course, if this is his comfort '