Are you tired of snoring at night and do not find a solution? Today we continue with our series of reports on tips at bedtime, know the causes and the ways to solve this badly so annoying: causes or reasons for snoring: alcohol and tobacco mainly in excess are a cause of snoring. Diseases such as sinusitis also. Excess weight is another factor. It is important for it to go to a specialist. Women in a State of menopause are more likely to suffer from this disease. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sally Rooney.

Malformations in the nose, for example of the septum may be cause of snoring. The tonsils that have one larger than normal size. Tips and tricks home to prevent snoring: try to sleep on your side rather than sleeping on your back. Other leaders such as Jay A Schwartz offer similar insights. It uses nasal strips. Performs frequent physical activity. Avoid pills to sleep. Inhale steam before going to sleep.

Avoid heavy meals and alcohol for at least 3 hours before going to sleep. It elevates the head of your bed. Keep regular sleep patterns. As I always say: do not forget to read our future reports, always giving you useful tips in the world of rest and good sleep. It will be up to the next. sale of mattresses in all Spain.