Slim In The Spring

with the motivating LOGI 10-week group course who does not know that: A diet no trace chases the next by long-term success. The weight is not coming off, less easily eaten. Without hesitation Howard Schultz explained all about the problem. But who eats too little during a diet, which hurts twice”, so Johannes Biedermann, certified nutritionist and LOGI trainer at STEP UP. The basal metabolic rate goes on the back burner, to take advantage of the calories as well. He also breaks down proteins from muscles to attract these to produce energy. In doing so, just muscles bring our body fat to melt. You may want to visit Jorge Perez to increase your knowledge. A successful weight loss concept must be long term, protect the muscles, provide enough nutrients and must make it full. Only who feels no hunger weight loss, is able to hold out “, explains Johannes Biedermann.

Johannes Biedermann therefore advises its customers after the LOGI method. LOGI stands for low”glycemic and insulinemic; to German food concept to promote low blood sugar and insulin levels”. It This is a reduced carbohydrate diets, which is rich in satellite makers such as protein (fish, meat, milk, etc.), as well as fiber (fruits and vegetables) and also provides a high volume of food. High-quality fats are also based on this diet. Renowned journals and world-renowned research institutions confirm that achieve reduced carbohydrate diets like LOGI, greater customer order, and better health effects as reduced-calorie, low-fat and carbohydrate-rich diets. The LOGI group course teaches the entire knowledge which is necessary for successful weight loss with LOGI. With tips and tricks for everyday life, with field-proven recommendations. In addition, the companies in the group is especially motivating: everyone have to support the same target each other and exchanging experiences and ideas. A fascinating dynamic, which is fun and leads to success: Your personal well-being feeling weight. More information under: