Sistine Chapel

The square gives a street which is full of shops of renowned fashion designers. 4 Via Veneto – glamorous street of the Centre of Rome. Here are the Rome hotels most famous and luxury restaurants. It is also possible to visit the Hard Rock Cafe. 5 Plaza de Trevi – where is Trevi fountain. A big and source of must-visit when he goes to Rome. To read more click here: Jay A Schwartz.

Tradition says that if a coin is pulled from back to ensure the return to the city. 6. The Coliseum – Center of spectacle in ancient Rome. More ruins is located in a zone com and at the same Center. You must pay input, but this you better for the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. In addition, next to the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine, which is the most famous. The entrance of the Coliseum (7 euros to under 25 years) includes a visit to the Palatine Hill. 7.

The Forum and the Palatine Hill next to the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia are the ruins of the Senate and a former Palace among other things. The Palatine is best to walk, if it is not too hot.Don’t miss the source of the Grotto. 8. The Vatican – St. Peter’s Basilica and tombs of the popes, including San Pedro or Juan Pablo II (free admission). A visit to the Vatican Museum, which includes the entrance to the Sistine Chapel while in Rome is essential. It is necessary to arrive early and queue, since the entrance to the Museum is limited to mornings (check times of admission) and the influx of visitors is massive throughout the year. It is advisable to go first to visit the dome in the morning (going fast but there are queues) and about 3 o’clock (closed at 5) go to the Vatican museums, since there is nothing of queue. 9 Plaza Navona – to ask us to visit in Rome, the answer is this square oval with three must-see marble fountains.