Second Spring Moon Festival

Magical and spectacular programme awaits visitors In May is made history in Neumarkt again experience. Legionnaires, Gladiators, even Casar and Cleopatra were resurrected to present itself in a great parade of astonished people. Not enough is a Roman chariot with four thoroughbred racing the horses on the amount over. This is followed by the early Middle Ages, armored Knights, mines, jugglers, minstrels. The visitors re enable the time jump from antiquity to the middle ages to modernity in times past.

The whole thing still for a very special purpose. The organizer of the second Lenzmondfestivales has brought to Neumarkt the antiquity and the middle ages for very specific reasons.The Festival should galvanize against the abuse and the abuse of the most vulnerable in the society our children. Spectacular Rittertuniere with daredevil stunts and fire shows are Heimdalls heirs “inspire the visitors.From the mists of time, the Knights of the North come to in the Crown of destiny “the visitors one Journey through time to present where knights were true heroes, where honor, justice and virtue of still full of magic and adventure was lived. “” If the “ISAR Indians Willy Michl” to make against the misdeeds of the child abuse and the child abuse in our country than the last ignorant get with Ambassador for peace which children, and the world his “ISAR”flicker through Neumarkt ring that is that here people uniting “in love, honor and respect to children”, to attention. A large medieval market, as well as a bearing life is as in the previous year at the Festival invite to browse stories in the camps to make, as it probably was in the past.

A great children’s program will expire for the kids, kids are melted, appointed or elected to the Princess.By the way children have the possibility of the stunt rider for free to see up to 10 years old is free of charge. Each adult admission for a visit to the market or tournament paid paid automatically a fee which at the UNICEF REGENSBURG then is submitted by none other than by Blues Bard Willy Michl personally. One wishes the event good weather so that as many visitors come, and thus show up also express our solidarity with this action… the the middle ages and antiquity are found share to strong to be for the weak… Faulting is in the preparatory phase is neither for the raffle which also should be organized in favour of UNICEF, not a single company previously involved in the form of donations, toys ect. by sponsoring, not to mention, we are living in a Kinderfeindlichen world. Sad but true! Otto B. Gebhardt Knight and organizer