In the basement restaurant on the canal Keizersgracht my neighbor on the table was a man of about 40. We chatted. Henk – so named after my new acquaintance – a former drummer, a small orchestra, heroin with a 15-year experience, 8 years ago, refused a drug. Henk is now working in the project "National Scheme of support drug users." This public organization unites homeless drug addicts. He turns up in public places, looking out for drug addicts and starts dating. Then convince strangers to start to come together in a group together and follow the equitable distribution of methadone and precise work items for the exchange of syringes.

From time to time reduces Henk with their new friends and the local police station. They gather in a room the police as equal partners in the talks about how both sides without causing any inconvenience to themselves and others, build relationships. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez does not necessarily agree. Addicts lost their fear of arbitrary police, and police received a guarantee greater security of the district. The police station at times gives addicts a job – for example, painted the garage wall, or sweep the sidewalk, and drug addicts commit to take drugs only in the evening hours before bedtime. Even a little self-discipline – the first step to ensure that drug addicts began to live on the regime. Without this, it is impossible to return to the rejected addict and zabyvshee about him company.

No one requires a person to immediately and completely abandon the drug. Suppose that while taking the project will help him do it in an environment safe for him and for others. But it will take time – and reticent man finds people who will dare to trust, he drops the voltage, and only then with him you can start talking about his illness. – See, look at the addict as a person rather with features than with constraints, requires a completely different work of our brain – says Henk. – Have you ever watched a holiday for people, when their house was evicted last junkie? They turn a blind eye to the consequences.