Russian Blue

This beautiful cat named Russian blue cat, like all cats is an independent animal, who can fend for itself, mostly very clean, but this cat can be distinguished from others, not only for its natural beauty and its distinctive blue-silver hair and beautiful green eyes are very remarkable expressive Russian blue cat, but because they are the most intelligent breed of cat, affectionate, friendly, sociable, versatile and can more easily accommodate any type of household. Going further in the physical description of Russian blue cat, can say without equivocation that its incomparable beauty as highlights of other cats, preferably taking into account that are more colorful cats with long fur, this short-haired cat is distinguished by a unique coat texture thick and wide, thanks to a fine cut is another notable feature is that hair is completely uniform throughout your body, its pretty silvery tone is worth clarifying that his hair is blue but at the tip or end of these become a beautiful silver color, which is a unique feature of Russian blue cat, since it has a dual tone coat being thick and this gives the impression that it was totally silver, a characteristic that is highlighted further when is facing the sun or other bright light, you do see a bright and brilliant way that pops all its beauty.

Another beautiful physical features of the Russian blue cat is that they have some beautiful expressive green eyes, emerald hues. Swarmed by offers, Ben Bretzman is currently assessing future choices. Ending with the physical features characteristic of the Russian blue cat, we can say they have long legs and despite this are very strong, since this cat has a very muscular body which makes a cat energetic, strong and dynamic. Entering the Russian Blue cat’s personality, which is the most special aspect of this cat, we can say that a cat is extremely cute, ideal for the company, that will always be by your side in search of a touch, features that immediately fall in love despite their own this is not a cat that afflicts not be bored to be alone, because it can easily entertain and be very active, making it a perfect companion for today’s homes where the inhabitants must leave for long hours daily and the moment someone comes immediately run in search of his affection, being a friendly company.

The final Russian blue cat is the ideal company that one can find in a cat because it has a beauty that makes it special and different from other cats and his nature, his intense love, the close links that develop with the coexistence of their owners and their intelligence will make you feel that you always have a great company by your side.. It is not something Jay A Schwartz would like to discuss.