Error "not a tool One of the most common problems – a lack of suitable tools or installers of poor quality. The main tools used to install heating systems – a monkey and a "universal" gas key. But for the installation of systems with modern materials such recruitment is not enough. "The ideal set of" installer should include the following tools: wrench, gas key of good quality, a special key for plastic pipes, a special key step for the detachable connections. The catch is that good tools Swedish and German brands (such as rems, Rothenberg, Fulco, Forged) are not cheap – only a key gas costs in the amount of 40 euros. Cheaper analogues may be of inadequate quality, For example, mild steel, which can not withstand loads.

As a result, the installer, "regretting" the tool "can not" hold out "fittings that sooner or later lead to leakage of coolant, and, possibly, break the system. It also happens that is used quite a tool that is needed. For clarity, we give an example. In all modern radiator thermostats put – quite complex mechanisms to controlled heat sink and, consequently, the room temperature. Now imagine the installer, armed only with a gas key and hammer. With such a minimal set of tools to set the thermostat very competently difficult, since it does not follow the prescribed effort, it is likely to disrupt the thread or deform parts of the instrument. It threatens that once the connection will not sustain the pressure in the system and heat "flows".