Roof Article

It remains only to refine it for a few posting on the site. Read these tips: 1. SELECT A IN ARTICLE ONE-TWO KEY WORDS OR Phrases that reflect the main content of the article and which, as you expect, visitors will find your article in a search engine. For example, let the article discusses how to choose a roof and the roof of her stating, inter alia, on the metal. That is the key word may be the query to find the article which your readers. By the way, choosing keywords, you can estimate how often people in these words something searching the Internet. This can be done here: 2.

CHANGE THE TITLE OF ARTICLE – if it does not contain the keyword. For example, if you had the title "Roof of the metal," then you can change it to "Metal – for roof Roof "or the" Roof of the metal. " But it is better to word keyword stood exactly in the form, which is assumed in the query, ie the first version of the title in this case is more suitable. If the site is built correctly, article title will be repeated at the top (mostly blue) strip of the browser, ie automatically enter the title page. This can also be seen in the case when you are trying to save the page by clicking the "Save as …" to Internet Eksploere. It may be just the title, but it could be a title that is added to other words in the title of the site.