Restaurant Business

Why do I need you? Journal: How do you assess the effectiveness of advertising? Restaurant: Approx. Journal: Let's conclude his bet. We will post free ads in our restaurant. You advertise as usual. And if you have the total revenue from visitors who came on advertising exceeds the monthly advertising budget – we place in a free your advertising. If advertising costs amount to more than revenue, you entire budget next month, giving accommodation to me. We will give you a rough profile.

You will spend a survey of its guests and learn from what they are advertising to come to the restaurant. A month later we met and look at your numbers. Director was "player" and we made a wager. A month later, it was interesting to see the surprised face of the Director Restaurant. As a result, the advertising budget, he gave us. And for the future he already had an evaluation tool of advertising effectiveness. If your club, cafe or restaurant has a website, then we can move from track visitors to the site. Such tracking is useful.

If you still do not stand counts, it is best to connect them as quickly as possible. Such information is useful. But, by and large – is self-deception, because the visitor – this is not a guest Your establishment and they may never be. The site should be considered as a way of advertising most useful information for the analysis of various advertising media polls give only a visitor. To organize them easily simple. Give the order to the waiters to ask the guest at a time when they are brought by, "How did you hear about our institution?". And be sure to fix all the answers. This point is most suitable for such an issue, because guest has eaten and satisfied. This is the easiest way, but there is the human factor. The waiter may forget to ask yourself and then come up with an answer.