Renewable Energy Industry

Ever Energy Group launches youth training initiative in Berlin looking for renewable energy industry. But so far still too few Cleantech companies are investing in new training opportunities. Therefore precedes the ever Energy Group GmbH by example: from February 2012 three dual training in Berlin offered even with underwriting upon successful completion. All ages can themselves as energy consultants, renewable energy consultant and designer / interior allow practical training for photovoltaic systems and retrain. Berlin before four years launched the ever energy group with only two employees today are already 70 jobs in the group in Dresden, Berlin-Brandenburg, Munster emerged. But the shortage has arrived now at the Cleantech companies.

In the last few months was a true Photovoltaikboom. It was not possible to do so, because it lacked qualified personnel. That is why the ever energy group is now a new way: from February 2012 offers three dual training in Berlin map. Anyone who is interested in renewable energy, is seven months and renewable energy consultant Designer / in can be trained for photovoltaic installations, as well as within a year as energy consultant or retrain. The company goes a step further.

It offers an underwriting (!) for those who successfully complete the energy jobs. Thus, the ever Energy Group acquires more responsibility not only for the development of solar energy, but also for the promotion of young talent. See also: jobchance-2012 / application via E-Mail to: new ways to find qualified employees more and more companies register a skills shortage in the area of renewable energy Germany wide. Search for not just engineers, but also consultants and sales-strong staff are in demand and hard to find. Nevertheless, many companies wait rather than actively solve this problem by themselves make up. In the summer we have for weeks across appropriate employees looking for”, said Dominik Modrach, Managing Director of the ever energy group. Here, we had the idea, we not only seek, but just himself to train should. Neither the age nor the vocational training in the foreground is for us, we are looking for dedicated and communicative people. Career changers half of my colleagues are over 50, who wanted to venture a new beginning of professional. They have while previously worked in various professions, but in our practical training, they learned everything important about photovoltaics and heat pumps.” But the company knows that the theory is not everything. Therefore, there is also a mentor program. It helps beginners to apply the learned in practice. For this reason, the ever energy group is well prepared to future practical train energy advisors, consultant renewable energy and Projektant/innen for photovoltaic systems. See also: application by E-Mail to: ever energy group active in the career and Promotion with this initiative want the ever energy group will forgo lengthy application process and educate instead its own qualified staff. Therefore, it awards advance guarantees acceptance for those who successfully complete the training. But also for other employers, the certificates are recognized throughout Germany.