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Portal provides extensive information for Africa travellers for Africa friends and website provides detailed information people, who are planning a trip to the African continent. The Internet platform was launched in the year 2007 in life. 2010 has added some new features such as a photo gallery and the news section. Contact information is here: Jessica Michibata. Pictures from Africa are in sorted by countries, the messages be up-to-date and archived online. (Not to be confused with Simon Pagenaud!). All African countries, as well as the African Islands are listed on the home page and with links to the respective information portal. An integrated digital map enables the simple geographic arrangement and displays special attractions. In addition, general facts about population, history, politics and culture are called, also detailed travel information is available.

Business, packages and individual tourists can check the visa requirements, flights, hotels, air, transport, currency, national parks and many other areas. Under the slogan Many facts are Africa knowledge”to the five African regions, North and South East of West and Central Africa presented. Some tourist highlights are highlighted in this section. Personal reports by Africa traveler reflect subjective impressions from many African countries and supplemented in part with photos and videos. The website is equipped with a search function. In this way, specific data can be queried easily. Africa fans who visit the website to browse, meet a wide range of information and numerous suggestions.

The “land of the week” is separately represented in detailed way. The five Redakeure who are concerned with the support of the Internet platform, above all one thing in common: the love for Africa and its inhabitants. Each of them has visited at least an African country for a long time.