Rabbit: A Rabbit In Your House?

Are you a person who can keep a rabbit? Dwarf rabbits are wonderful companions of humans as pets. Before you decide but to buy any pet, it is recommended to learn as much as possible about this animal and to consider the matter carefully and seriously. Here you will find a few questions, thanks to which you can learn whether you are a suitable person for a dwarf rabbit. You have such character traits, which offer a harmonious coexistence with a rabbit? You can check! Here are the questions: you’re patient? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you watching the movements and body language of animals like? Spend much time at home? Is that no problem, to sit on the floor for you? You don’t tease you when scratch on your furniture? This includes some information: you can get used to the toilet rabbit, rabbits live 7 10 years, rabbits are curious and sociable, rabbits purr when they are satisfied, rabbit one is neutered for their behavior and Health, rabbits are happy with you, rabbits like to play with cardboard boxes, balls made of rattan or Wicker, the rabbit, you need to buy toys that can bite you, otherwise they will damage your clothes, one to protect rabbits from the predators, toxins, sudden changes in temperature, electric cables, rabbits need 3 4 hours free outside the cage. After reading this book, you can answer the question now whether you can buy a rabbit.