Puerto De La Ceiba

La Ceiba is the city that receives the name, thanks to the presence of a tree that had enormous proportions. Noted for its parks, beaches and abundant vegetation, but above all, by a vitality and energy given by the warmth of its people to note each city you visit. Located within the department called Atlantis, is considered one of the first and most important cities of Honduras. With a population of approx. about 250,000 inhabitants, is located north of the country, and is the second port in relevant order. Lies on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and is comprised of more than 260 settlements and neighborhoods. The cuisine of Honduras, is defined and driven style of the cultures of many Latin American countries. Among the outstanding dishes we quote the fried fish, conch soup and capping of Olancho, bruised, cassava bread, tortillas, beans, dishes based on seafood, corn, meat, poultry and fish, tripe and yucca with pork rinds.

With regard to the variety of fruit and your daily intake, you can highlight the mangoes, avocados, pineapples, bananas and papayas. Honduras The night begins at sunset and into the wee hours of the morning, with different proposals to eat, drink and fun at the dance floor, concentrated in the so-called living area of Honduras, which crosses from north to south, two main avenues: San Isidro and 14 July. Are varied themes from sites known in Honduras, from which we selected them: They can start by knowing the Pico Bonito National Park, one of the most representative of the country and locality. Among the species that live there, we can find jaguars, sea cows, and many others who live in an area surrounded by forest types as the cloudy, dry, tropical rainforests, creating a captive wild and natural scenery to see. Location: north coast of Honduras.

Continuing in this category, we recommend closer to the wildlife reserve Cuero y Salado, which is a national park as its name implies, is surrounded by two rivers statements, and the place where some of approximately 35 species as lizards and monkeys, are preserved from the threat of extinction. Location: a 33km. La Ceiba. Also reached the beach Peru, one of the most popular resorts in the area, enjoy a sunny day, practice water sports or traditional. Located north of the city and minutes away from it. And close the path in the direction of the Museum of La Ceiba, characteristic for possessing one of the largest and most important collections of insects and many species. Significantly, it is private in nature.