Photographing Children

One of the most fascinating and exciting subjects in the photograph, according to the photographer from Krasnodar, is a child. But to photograph them is not easy. To really understand their need to dip into childhood, to be able to to get something more than just a smile, we must be patient, have a mind and intelligence. There are several important points, considering that you can get pictures, stop a moment. First – this time. Plan Sufficient time may take 2-3 hours for very young children (care, snack breaks) and 1-2 hours for older children.

You will find yourself mistaken thinking that the child will work with you as an adult – is You have to adapt to him rather than vice versa. Choose a time for a photo shoot so that the child was fed, slept, and still not tired – then your meeting will take place effectively. Second – the right clothes! Remind parents that Children will work much better if they feel comfortable in familiar clothing. Or when they choose their clothing, although this point can scare parents. Gently reassure them that the picture would be more convincing and less far-fetched when the child feels comfortable and confident.

Third – start session in a familiar place for the baby – home, playground, and then you can gradually move to other places. Do not start immediately photographs, first earn the trust of the child, talk with parents, let the child make sure you are not dangerous for him, and then you can start gently interact with your child. Another such moment, I usually ask parents to leave the room, or be near, but not in direct line of sight. Avoid at all costs so that mom or dad stood behind you and ask the child to smile and look at the camera. It's a trap. Talk with children, and importantly listen to them! (You'll pick up this kind inevitably experience if you often take pictures of children). And let the magic happen! Do not force your child to smile all the time, of course, all parents want a photo of the child with smile on his face, but certainly at home, there are many such images. It's very interesting to capture the variety of emotions and expressions on the face, otherwise you will get a lot of quality, but very similar images. Doing shots get down to the level of the child, and he, too, will feel more confident. Ask your child to tell you my favorite story or show favorite toys. Be flexible, maybe not all will, as you have in mind, Have a few ideas in reserve. And patience! Patience! Patience! I hope these tips will help the photographer from Krasnodar to become more patient and not expect a child of stage pictures. "Catch" him in any situation and you and him parents will be pleasantly surprised at the results.