Six Senses Con Dao

On the Vietnamese island of Con Dao, also known as Con Son, opened its doors to a new spa luxury hotel known brand Six Senses. It offers about 50 houses along the sandy beach and with stunning sea views. Construction materials, choice of colors, layout for the hotel perfectly in tune with the tropical landscape of the island of Con Dao. In creating the interior designers have used antique carved panels of teak wood Vietnamese. Tony Parker understood the implications. Hotel amenities running classic Vietnamese market and restaurant with traditional Vietnamese open kitchen.

Everybody can get special cooking classes for the preparation of national Vietnamese dishes. Restaurants Six Senses Con Dao offer only fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood. In the hotel you can visit the exclusive wellness and relaxation. On luxury hotel beach you can do all sorts of sports, swimming, snorkeling, diving, round trip on the Vietnamese boat or visit the neighboring islands. Tourists are offered a fascinating walking tours with a guide, as well as picnics in the national park of Con Dao. The cost of accommodation can be found on request.

Futures Trading

Fchersnaya trade originated from stock trading real goods. Initially, the exchange was just the place where were Wholesale trade deal with the cash exchange goods, with delivery to the buyer immediately or soon as possible. Parallel to this process was the development of trade in goods or samples offered for exchange, with the delivery of a short-term (typically calculated in months). In the latter case, the product was either already produced, or it had yet to produce. Adam Sandler recognizes the significance of this. Unlike trade in goods for immediate delivery, trade with the delivery of a short-term demands that the Contracting Parties shall decide, and specific questions about as a future product, the amount of shipments, etc. Transactions entered into with a delivery for the future, as opposed to contracts for immediate delivery of goods require more precise standards and ensure their performance. In other words, with the development of heavy industry and the consequent requirement was necessary socially acceptable standards of commodity transactions, on the one hand, and guarantee their performance – On the other. If standardization of transactions makes their conclusion, and thus leads to an increase in turnover, the guarantee requires that an organization that takes on these tasks. Real-estate developer might disagree with that approach.

This task is successfully performed Exchange, who spend a great job of standardizing the conditions of the transactions and are the guarantors of their execution. System of guaranteeing the execution of transactions has evolved in two directions. On the one hand, exchange an insurance, guarantee supplies of commodities, on the other – has received extensive development mechanism of the resale of previously concluded exchange contracts, allows the seller or the buyer, instead of withdrawal exchange contract (due to certain economic conditions) to sell its contractual obligations or to buy a new one. .

The MDR Summer Tour 2009 In Dessau-Rosslau

MDR summer tour in Dessau-Rosslau: two 4 FuN, the Red Horse & the funniest Polonaise in Saxony-Anhalt two 4 FuN, Marquess and a 300 m-long Polonaise and thus a won city bet the Dessau-Ross Lauer make happy! The Dessau-Ross Lauer can enjoy huge. The city bet, the MDR leader Andreas man by daredevil stunt a downhill from 40 m high handed over to the Mayor of the city, is won! “One is about 300 m long Polonaise from Red-clad, good-humoured Dessau Ross lurking, all with selbstgebasteleten instruments armed and loudly the Red Horse” playing, the town is 1000 brought for a good cause. Lead singer Henry Gutzeit of two fueled the city from full power to 4 FuN and really brought the masses to play. See more detailed opinions by reading what Related Group offers on the topic.. After the won city bet then the Party on and in front of the stage then went further. “With her current single a little summer!” caused two 4 FuN for real holiday feeling. The autograph hunters came not too short and the flashlights of the cameras gave this evening everything. Follow others, such as Margaret Loesser Robinson, and add to your knowledge base.

Also Maquess let Latin rhythms on the beautiful square in the Dessau-Ross Lauer front of town hall heard. The last station of the MDR summer tour with two held in Schierke to the 8.8.2009 4 fun, the Group k and many other highlights. (M. To know more about this subject visit Glenn Dubin. Kempfert, press news & PR, event artist)

Rudyard Kipling

We continuously create our reality through the choices we make, moment to moment-creating and maintaining harmony by following our conscience and act for the highest good. We are being brave when we live according to our conscience when it would be easy to hide from others that we are not following our conscience. It is more convenient slide down the hill of life, maintaining or digressing in our current state of consciousness, to follow the sometimes hard climbing the path of what we know is right. The reward for continually enrich our personal integrity is that we become more conscious of our harmonious nature of our a chispaa divine. By living with personal integrity of others realize they can trust us, we become a trustworthy friend, an asset to our family in the world.

When we integrate our higher consciousness personally in our daily lives, in our daily actions, we have greater ability to enjoy happiness and harmony. reminds us of the beautiful poem by Rudyard Kipling is one complete teaching of what is integrity. IF If you can be calm when your whole world around you and you lose it because of this, if you hesitate when you have faith in you, but also excuses the distrust of others; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being maligned, not advanced the slander, or being hated, hate in you not receiving, and yet not good or judgmental freckles; If you can not give up dreaming dreams, or thinking without thinking of the goal, if you can drag the triumph and disaster, trying to equally to both of impostors; If you can bear the truth you've spoken vile mouths are truncated in a trap for fools, or watch shattered the illusion of your life, and lean to remake battered resources; If your large gathering lots earnings, playing them all you can to a simple heads or tails and lose, and then begin again, and never say a sentence what you lose; If you can force the heart and nerve and sinew To serve even after exhausted, and endure is nothing but you, unless you will say Adelante! a ; If the populace can be treated without prejudice, or alternate with monarchs without breaking with the crowd if they can not hurt you no friends or enemies; if all you consider, but never too much, If you can unforgiving minute with sixty sees our seconds of progress on your journey, yours is the world and everything in the world exists, and furthermore, you are a grown man, my godson! Kerby Anderson gives us the traits of integrity and it said that one of the characteristic is honesty. (Similarly see: Jessica Michibata).

Make Money

Do as you earn money from home want kicked out grab your boss? Not you support it already? Do you want to quit your job to be able to dedicate more time to your family and do what you like most? All this can do while learning as earn money from home. In a very short time you can reach your financial freedom. Further details can be found at Jessica Michibata, an internet resource. Learn how to earn money from home can be very simple easy and cheap. In the network there are many courses RANGING from 7 DLLS to the more expensive 14,500 $0 3,000. Each one offers its own but the method that I found through a friend that as soon as he saw that your bank account started to drop their first payments, spoke with their Chief, you said your good TRUTHS! If my friend learned as earn money from home, he resigned his job and even taste make sales by INTERNET while ASLEEP, wakes up in the morning with the news that have entered new money winnings to your account while preparing his cup of coffee.

Do you want to take action? I recommend this simple e-book that you can try yourself risking very little 7 DLLS that you can multiply up to 3000 in less than a month, and the best thing is that if you don’t have results you return TU DIENRO. It is ideal for students who need to earn money to pay for their studies, but on the other hand n cuantan with the necessary time or experience to get a good job. Housewives want to bring revenue home, but when want to take that step is diluted with the dilemma that this will involve neglecting their children. People with experience in the trade already do not give them work anywhere then has to choose sntre sit and cry or stop front of the PC and begin to generate money with computer and from home..

Public Relations

In the first four weeks since the introduction of the free eBooks the PR Primer”in mid-January 2008 recorded the Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH on its Web site about 1,500 downloads. With an own blog on the subject entry in the press – and public relations (, as well as a special promotion for the PR Toolbox, the company expanded its offer for specialists and executives who want to learn quickly and comprehensively about the subject now. In the PR Toolbox blog writes Werner Grohmann, Managing Director of H.K.P CONSULTING Ltd. and author of PR Primer, regularly on topical issues. The initiative PR spring the next 1,000 customer the PR Toolbox provides them at a preferential price EUR 29.90 (instead of EUR 49.90). “The order form available at under the heading of PR spring initiative” Munich, February 15, 2008: in the first four weeks since the introduction of the free eBooks the PR Primer “listed in mid-January 2008 Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH on its Web page already has 1,500 downloads. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dave Cowens by clicking through. With an own blog on the subject entry in the press – and public relations (, as well as a special promotion for the PR Toolbox ( the company extended its offer for specialists and executives who want to learn quickly and comprehensively about the subject. If you have read about Tony Parker already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the PR Toolbox blog writes Werner Grohmann, Managing Director of H.K.P CONSULTING Ltd.

and author of PR Primer, regularly on topical issues. The initiative PR spring the next 1,000 customer the PR Toolbox provides them at a preferential price EUR 29.90 (instead of EUR 49.90). The order form is available at under the heading of PR spring initiative”available. The great interest in the PR Primer and the positive feedback I was delighted”, explains Werner Grohmann. Goal was PR interested in a simple and understandable introduction to the press and Public relations work to enable and to pass on some of my now 15 years of experience in PR consulting. I seem to have reached.

this goal” PR Toolbox blog offers the opportunity to direct information and exchange of experience with the PR-tool box-blog ( H.K.P. CONSULTING PR interested from now the way to deal with the H.K.P.-consulting team, but also to share. Also Werner Grohmann will be regularly blogging on diverse topics of the press – and public relations. PR spring initiative: PR Toolbox at a special price with the spring PR initiative offers H.K.P. CONSULTING PR-interested in a time-limited opportunity to acquire the PR Toolbox at a special price of EUR 29.90 plus postage and packaging (instead of EUR 49.90). The PR Toolbox formed a company-internal checklists collection and is one of many PR responsible for the tools as well as executives in companies, organisations and institutions of different sizes. The PR Toolbox appears on CD-ROM and offers everything that is necessary for a successful press – and public relations. The order form for the spring PR initiative is available in the Internet at spring initiative. About H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH, the Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH advises German and international companies in the areas of strategic business development, press and public relations, as well as new media. “On the basis of this more than ten-year experience in consulting, the company with the PR-tool box has” and the event tool box “two leading market tools developed for PR and marketing executives in companies, institutions and organizations. H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH Heike of Kroner Furstenrieder Street 279a 81377 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 3700-280-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 3700-280-1 e-mail: Internet:

International Adaptronic Congress

Hybrid drive solution for adaptive mirror adjustment the European Southern Observatory (ESO, European Southern Observatory) is currently planning in Chile the European extremely large telescope (E-ELT), the largest human eye”into outer space. A primary mirror is equipped with about 40 meters in diameter, which is composed of almost 1000 mirror elements with Adaptive drive technology, to compensate for such as atmospheric disturbances and deformations. Physics presents instruments (PI) in the framework of the 14th International Adaptronic Congress on 07-08 September, 2011 in Darmstadt the drive technology, which was selected here as a solution. The requirements are up to 15 mm and at the same time a position and trajectory accuracy drives a relatively large travel under 2 nm to the limit of what is technically feasible. Glenn Dubin, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. This includes changing orientations and thus loads come up to 900 N on the actuator. Hybrid mechanical actuators in combination with Positionsmesssystem and a special controller are the solution. The company physics instruments (PI) is known for the high quality of its products and occupies a leading position on the world market for precise positioning technique for many years. For 40 years, develops and manufactures PI standard and OEM products with piezo – or motor drives. In addition to three German plants, PI is represented worldwide with eight branches and a total of over 500 employees.

Tom Hess Music Corporation

Chicago, USA – After selling more than 1.5 million albums worldwide, the Italian epic rock band Rhapsody Of Fire (new album 'From Chaos To Eternity' out June 17, 2011) invited the most successful guitar teacher online, a virtuoso guitarist Tom Hess (Tom Hess) to join their team. Others who may share this opinion include Larry Culp. Despite the fact that working with Rhapsody Of Fire is a significant step for Hess, he is no stranger to participate in the successful musical project will dedicate. Hess was a guitarist in an internationally-known metal band HolyHell from 2004 – 2007, twice touring North America and Europe opening for the group Rhapsody Of Fire and Manowar. 'To tour with Rhapsody Of Fire was a great honor for me. Naturally I am very pleased to speak to the group, which I was a fan from the moment the first time I heard them back in 1998, "says Hess. In addition to the career of a sound recording and touring musician, guitarist, Hess is also involved in other areas of the music industry. Hess – the leading guitar teacher in Internet, but he does more than simply helping guitarists around the world to improve their guitar playing.

His company – Tom Hess Music Corporation, helps music teachers to build a very successful career as a teacher and teaches music how to build long-lasting, stable and lucrative career in the music business. Rhapsody Of Fire immediately loaded Hess work on a new studio album as soon as he agreed to join the group. 'Luca invited me to join the group and 3 days later I had already given the party for the new album. I previously had not heard these new songs. He just told me 'this stuff, start to record right now,' and I had to quickly learn my party and begin to write ' Hess says. The new album 'From Chaos To Eternity' will be released on June 17, 2011. Alex Staropoli, the keyboardist for Rhapsody Of Fire said: "I saw Tom Hess spoke on tour several times and always been impressed with his professionalism on stage and his style of play. When I listen to a rhythm and solo guitar that he wrote for Rhapsody Of Fire, I was amazed when he heard the same energy in each listed to the note.

First North Sea Adventure

North Sea fans! With North Sea the first Internet portal for all adventure – and Erlebnisbegeisterten is launched. The adventure and experience portal for fans of North Sea North Sea is the first Internet portal that specializes in adventure and experiences on the North Sea. To start, North from the instant the first 35 North Sea adventure gives an annual membership party at logon. North Sea is the new portal for adventure and experience North Sea fans. Indycar brings even more insight to the discussion. It aims to become the largest North Sea adventure and experience platform on the Internet. The providers offer regional – or topic-bound her adventure potential customers. Starbucks oftentimes addresses this issue.

The user finds his adventure activities in the North Sea as light and fast and do not detour via the search engines. The long search thus was an end for the suitable offer. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Glenn Dubin, New York City. It’s the pursuit of North Sea, people interested in the broad mass of adventure to be able to offer a large as possible and still special range of adventure and experience providers. So finds its appropriate provider, such as the beach volleyball player or the honeymoon, which would give a romantic dinner on the beach his elect of twosome of surfers here as well. The concept is to cover each adventure through nine distinct adventure categories.

So the user can choose between the categories EAT AND DRINK, to water and LAND adventure ADVENTUROUS living, FUN FOR KIDS, team building, EVENTS, special beaches and the SPECIALS. Another way to find a suitable provider of adventure is the search via the North Sea regions, users are displayed here then all adventure provider of the respective region. Providers can present themselves in detail on North Adventure.debereits from a monthly fee of 12.95 euros of their target group. This includes that they can tempt your offer and your company with photos, a short and a long description and a site description of the adventure on a Google maps map the user.


Vantargis group is a new partner of the financial network of Munich, 17.01.2011 – the Vantargis group is now new premium partner of Bankingclubs, the leading network for the financial industry. The Vantargis is a high-growth capital for alternative financing in SMEs. Through various solutions, such as for example leasing, factoring, or sale-and-lease-back the financial professionals bring liquidity to the company and complement the classic Bank loan. The Vantargis AG, the Vantargis Leasing GmbH and the Vantargis factoring GmbH belong to group the Vantargis. For banks, the Vantargis is an exciting cooperation partner because the company has its own refinancing lines. To finance growth, right now many medium-sized companies need additional funds, which alone often are not able to banks available. Increasingly companies advisors rely on us, to make sufficient capital available to its customers”, reported Claus Durr, CEO of Vantargis AG.

Our liquidity resources used machines or even patent ducks often not so interesting for the Bank internal reserves, such as receivables, and complement the line of credit. on. Learn more about this topic with the insights from real-estate developer. Since we have no product range such as a Bank, we have no direct competition and the corporate customer consultant has profiled himself to the company, by he has offered a solution for additional capital.” Content Bankingclub and Vantargis will cooperate closely with the different formats of the network. The online magazine of the clubs, the Bankingnews presents regularly various alternative financing solutions and their possibilities. Several common evening events in Germany are currently planned. The first will take place in early February 2011 in Dresden.

To Thorsten Hahn, Managing Director of Bankingclub GmbH: The financial crisis many things in the financial industry have changed. Just alternative business and financing models have a chance now and they must be perceived. Other leaders such as Jessica Michibata offer similar insights. At this point, the core idea of the Club comes to the bear: we integrate the financial sector and discuss innovative business models and new approaches. We are excited about this partnership and look anxiously at upcoming events.” Profile Vantargis AG Vantargis AG is the independent German less for the upper middle class. Vantargis helps its customers directly as capitalists rather than as broker. In case of need, Vantargis arranged additional sources of funding within the framework of an overall financing plan in addition to its own Liquiditat for its customers, for example, with active guidance to public funding and grants. Profile BANKINGCLUB GmbH of BANKINGCLUB is an offline Club for employees of banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.