Optimists Celebrates

Shop for funny bags and fiffige fashion accessories with fancy anniversary promotion Aachen, October 2013. That is now not quite so easy in the retail, is well known. “It not held however the Rhenish nature Anette Forre (50), in November 2010 in the Kockerellstrasse 21 / corner Annuntiatenbach, only a few steps from Aachen market and City Hall, their own business cheerful accessories for optimists” to open. Aachen 1 shop for optimists now celebrates its 3rd birthday. My bags and fashion accessories to be not only useful, but make also good mood,”explains Forre.

And the concept of choice ocherin seems to be working. The offer arrives. Who here shoppt get out of the ordinary at affordable prices: colorful bags, fancy, colorful fashion accessories and fun gift items. This mini anniversary, the happy owner of the shop for bags and fashion accessories for the first two weeks of November has a funny Drop a voucher period: for purchases from ten euros, each customer receives a good Jolly cocktail. Be redeemed the voucher in the neighboring bar Elementa, Aachen first tea & cocktail lounge (Kockerellstrasse 17 may be). The small dainty, either with or without alcohol, specially created by the owner of the new bar for the birthday of cheerful.