Opera Music

Travel to Verona: Opera and cheap B & B and hostels in Verona Verona, beautiful romantic city in Northern Italy, is known first and foremost thanks to the tragic romance of Romeo and Juliet. Visit Jorge Perez for more clarity on the issue. But not only because of the famous balcony of the world thousands of tourists to Verona stream: they are the Opera music in the Arena di Verona attracted. HostelsClub.com presents 2011 calendar of the game plan for all, like the poetry and Opera. Opera music under a blue sky of Verona promises an unforgettable experience and HostelsClub.com ensures the safe and cheap accommodation in Verona. When planning a visit to Opera in the arena, you must expect that the execution may take until late in the night and it is important to have a cheap and safe hotel in Verona. Arena di Verona is regarded as the best-preserved amphitheatre of the Roman times.

Built in the first century after Christ, arena has witnessed many gory scenes, because it served as a platform of many gladiator fights. Today the most famous Amphitheatre of the world asking Space for 25,000 spectators in the inner Hall and on the series of steps. The first opera performance at the Arena di Verona Opera Aida, conducted by Tullio Serafin on the occasion of 100th birth anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi on August 10, 1913. The population of Verona was enthusiastic about the idea, the greatest masters of Italian music at the Arena di Verona to honor. Flock since every year the Opernbegeisterten in the arena. The opera performances at the Arena di Verona are very special experiences: it is a fusion of nature and music and only at this place, the audience has the unique opportunity to experience this phenomenon. The guests are seated on the padded seats in the Interior, on the balcony above the entrance or on the stone steps place.