The simple success formulas of the past have a successful online PR with online press releases stock even in the digital age. Anton Fugger (1493-1560), German merchant and banker, knew over 500 years ago one of the online PR success formulas: “The best language is always the customer.” A change of perspective in the online communication has undergone in the last few years it with customers: the benefits for the customer and not the pure product information is at the heart of the message. In the context of online PR, companies have numerous opportunities to present themselves on the Web, authentic and meaningful. This strengthens the own reputation and customer loyalty. Especially the online press release revealed its potential as a standalone communication instrument with direct route to reach of the target groups.

Manages the PR professionals from agencies and companies through the editorial message value of online press release to speak directly to the target groups. Cause these optimization measures of online press release, that the Corporate News also directly find their way into the search engines. Online press release customer communication without detours the classic press release is a finished reading format for journalists and editors. After deployment of the press release, a release is not guaranteed, but strongly bound to the subject of plans of the print magazine. In contrast to the traditional press release, the online press release follows the on set of direct dissemination, publication and of the direct customer contact.

Companies can decide what content would they communicate about their online press releases and on which platforms they provide their information. But the path in the new media requires also a rethinking regarding the optimal presentation of corporate information, to systematically win potential customers for their products and services. 3 Tips for a successful online PR with online press releases 1 customer relevance – less advertising, more benefit communicate online PR means not less than a closer customer communication.