Olympic Games

Athens tram revived only after 1944, the eve of the Olympic Games. At the time of inauguration of the Athens Olympics length of the line was slightly less than 30 kilometers. 26 stops were located close to major sporting and tourist facilities. In the days of the Olympics in Athens tram worked around the clock. Immediately after the close games the Greek authorities were amazed at the economic effect: transportation, many years is considered to be unprofitable, unexpectedly for the organizers was not only self-sustaining, but also profitable. Today will be the creation of tram lines in Patras, Ioannina and hair.

Power second city Greece – are exploring the installation of the tram lines. A significant advantage of the tram in Greece is that the construction of the metro – it can not be long because of the abundance of archaeological monuments, nestled in the bosom land. According to Greek law, any construction, during which found any historical artifacts should be frozen indefinitely. Therefore, the tram, clean and silent transport becomes a true panacea for the Greeks and the solution gassed, and traffic jams in major cities. Germany was the first electric tram was demonstrated at the industrial exhibition in Berlin in 1879. The inventor of this landmark vehicle – Ernst Werner von Siemens, founder of the famous eponymous company.

The first tram electric line was installed in the Berlin suburb of Lichterfelde in 1881. Powerful in order times pyatikilovattny received electric power supplied to both the rail. Voltage of 150 volts was dangerous for pedestrians, especially in wet weather, the tram moved slowly, and the passenger compartments were scared uncomfortable. Hedvig Hricak may also support this cause.