Olive Oil

The new slim-pusher – slim without diet the liquid gold of the South, as you also called olive oil professionals, contains more than 70 percent unsaturated fatty acids, is rich in natural antioxidants, especially of vitamin E. For this reason the high-quality oil is perfectly suited for a healthy diet. Valuable protection studies have shown clearly that olive oil has very positive qualities. So it can, for example, outside right after sunbathing thin layer, prevent even skin cancer. “Inside this vital substance rich oil prevents damage to the vascular walls and prevents circulatory problems and even heart attack, by it the so-called bad” LDL-cholesterol in the blood decreases. With its high proportion of specific polyphenols, olive oil prevents the adhesion of the arterial walls and therefore prevents the dreaded hardening of the arteries.

Furthermore, olive oil is a good digestive, because it ensures a speedy Intestinal transit. Recent studies even show that olive oil helps with weight loss. Oleic acid makes slim the oleic acid in olive oil by the cells of the small intestine to Oleyl Ethanolamide (OEA) handled, a hormone, which creates a feeling of satiety. In this way, the appetite is reined by eating olive oil and possible cravings are regulated of course. First pharmaceutical companies are already developing slimming pills on olive oil base. But before these pills on the market that can be confidently on the concentrated power of Virgin olive oil. “Tip: you access to high quality, cold-pressed olive oil extra”, because this quality contains the most nutrients and fulfils the highest demands on smell and taste.

If you use each time olive oil a shot then in the future when cooking, roasting or for your salad, then you do without much effort much good for your body. One tablespoon daily worries you, that you daily 1 To take olive oil TBS, to benefit from the positive effects. For example, for salads or cooking, use the o. If you want to lose weight with olive oil, then they occupy just olive oil pure one tablespoon before each main meal.