In Russia, many cities. All of them do not resemble each other, each has its special "face". In addition to the official names of the people in the course of the abbreviated name of the city, diminutives and even rude nicknames like. Tony Parker addresses the importance of the matter here. In Soviet times there was a joke: "In Russia, three city-mother-mother Moscow, Odessa-Mama, and Tyumen – Yadrena mother." There are city-heroes, which covered itself with glory during the Great Patriotic War. There are cities famous for its handicrafts and handicrafts. Cities that have left a trace in history in connection with certain events that changed the course of life of the country. Alas, Novosibirsk, among them there.

Its name in vain we look at ancient chronicles. It's a very young city, this year it celebrates 116 years only. And not too well developed crafts here. And it is not shaken by his rebellion, insurrection, and many wars that Russia waged directly, fortunately, not touched him … and still Novosibirsk unique. He – the geographical center of Russia, its very core. In 1914, the central part of the city erected a chapel in honor of the patron saint of Tsar Nicholas II – St. Nicholas, and it served as the symbolic center of the Russian Empire.

In Soviet times, the chapel was destroyed, and rebuilt in 1991. And now in the shops in the city sold souvenir – a candle in a chapel of St. Nicholas … Image the chapel and there is a box of chocolates, produced by a local confectionery. Candy called "Center of Power." Another architectural landmark and one of the main attractions of Novosibirsk is the Opera House. It is called the Siberian Colosseum: the volume of the theater building exceeds the building of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. Novosibirsk Opera House is shown in a box of chocolates "Novosibirsk" (products of the familiar candy factory).