Norway Cruise From Hamburg

Report by a Norway cruise from Hamburg a travelogue of a Norway cruises with the MSC Lirica of owned and operated by MSC Cruises. From Hamburg, it went to Bergen, the Geirangerfjord and continue along the Sognefjord in the direction of Flam. A five-day Norway cruise with the MSC Lirica from/to Hamburg. Spontaneously we have booked the voyage and just 10 days later we were sitting in the train to Hamburg, where we arrived in the late morning. We were still a little time for a stroll in the most beautiful city in Germany. Our Norway began cruise at 21: 00. We were just sitting at the dinner as the MSC Lirica took course on mountains.

After a day of sea, we reach the second largest city in Norway in the early morning. One could already guess that it would be a nice Sunday. In the rainiest city in Europe everything else for granted. You can explore mountains on foot. In the narrow passages between the merchant houses and warehouses it smells like tar and wood, from hatches collar the winches, with around 500 years ago were loaded Berger fish (COD), TRANS, skins, beer, wine, salt, swords and textiles.

In the historic port of the Hanseatic COGS, carry goods in the Hanseatic cities were laid: from the 14th to the 16th century, mostly German merchants controlled the shops in the commercial and port city of Bergen. The Germans had the salt that the fish landings from the Norwegian Sea could be preserved. The fish were then traded in the Mediterranean. By the fishmonger mountains became one of the most important trading centres of the Hanseatic League. The gable fronts of the warehouses at the wharf, whose name Tyskebryggen (German bridge) suggests the use of the Hanseatic merchants, still testifies to the wealth of the Hanseatic City. The 58 surviving houses of the historic district but no longer come from the middle ages; they were rebuilt after the fire of the year 1702 in the characteristic wooden construction.