New York Stock Exchange

… Globalization requires us to unite to meet the forces of nature management, if we did that – it means we are using the law of nature for our benefit, but unless we act globally, we divide, as poorly designed aircraft first balloonists – until we learn how to use the laws of nature! Michael Laitman Each of us in one way or another had to deal with the concept of 'a – a stranger. " Seemed strange that such external quality as skin color, different language and culture can change the way you as a person. And sometimes you will think that you should not take place in the evening on a certain street, so once again not being attacked. Ask is not an idle question: Can we create a society in which there will be an atmosphere of rejection and intolerance, a society which will allow us not to fear for their children? Acute economic crisis in the world creates favorable conditions for the development of nationalism. Its manifestations we see everywhere. The situation is reminiscent of events in the late 20-ies of XX century.

'Great Depression' started in October 24, 1929 with the collapse of value of the shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Then the crisis quickly spread to all sectors of the world economy. Tens of millions of people in the U.S. and Europe found themselves without work and no livelihood. At this point in Germany and there was a force that seemed to know how to fix the situation.