New Testament

Westman with his “new Atkins”. Fruits and vegetables are although not strictly prohibited, but only very low and selectively allowed. Bread has however little chance at Atkins: only 100 g bread – depending – usually 40 g included up to 50 g carbohydrates. At least with whole wheat are of these approx. 50 g no more than 5 g of sugar, but this essential distinction of carbohydrates is missing so just by Atkins.

From a Christian perspective, a feeling of unease arises from it now. Swarmed by offers, San Antonio Spurs is currently assessing future choices. You look at the sections in the New Testament the word “Bread” once, for example the Lord’s prayer please “Our daily bread give us today” (Mt 6,11); the propagation of bread (Mt 13, 14-21 and Mt 15,29-39); the breaking of the bread with the institution of the Eucharist (Mt 26,26); the Eucharistic speech – “I am the bread of life” (Jn 6,35); the instruction of Paul, to earn the bread itself (2 Thess 3, 8f and 3.12). Com. Christian ethics the man is obliged to get – even through the diet possible healthy and powerful. Virtuous behavior is always vernunftgemasses. By reason, specifically by the virtue of moderation, any excess is prohibited gluttony as well as to strict fasting.

The reason consequently also demands that it does not completely enclose itself to scientific knowledge, also in nutrition questions not. It is therefore not permitted just stubbornly to ignore the results of such research, denenzufolge low carb is ineffective or even harmful, just so you can keep yourself still low carb and preach. But it is certainly questionable, if hostility to this bread would so badly strained, that would discredit Christianity – especially in the light of the above examples from the NT. Thus, the limit to the ideology would be clearly exceeded. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen