Neva River

There is no even to the events: it is here celebrated, danced, Sung, laughed and drank. Many gather on the banks of the Neva and pop champagne corks, even though it is officially banned. This eerie lighting attracts tourists, the go to the streets together with the locals to enjoy a variety of entertainment and the mutual happy mood. This celebration of the White Nights lasts about two weeks, from late June to early/mid July. The Nevsky Prospekt is particularly visited during the ‘White Night Festival’.

Viewers watch the rising of the bridges on the Neva River, while boats fill the river and fireworks shows. White Night celebrations are celebrated also in other northern areas of Russia. But it is nowhere as nice as in Saint Petersburg. Fireworks is also available in Peterhof, a royal residence and suburb of St. Petersburg, which is known as the city of fountains. Even in August you can feel even the “White Nights”, because the days are much longer than ours.

So it is not fully dark even in early August around midnight. St. Petersburg has to offer a lot during the day. The city is known for its distinctive architecture. Worth a visit in imperial residence in Tsarskoye Selo. In the magnificent Baroque Catherine Palace”with the five Golden domes of the Palace Church is also the legendary amber room opened again in 2003 after over 20 years of reconstruction ‘. Great Palace in the summer residence of Pauls I. in Pavlovsk, this horseshoe-shaped you admired the classically equipped parade halls and private rooms Pauls I. and his wife, Maria Fjodorowna and walk through the landscape Park established at the beginning of the 19th century by the Italian Gonzaga with 600 ha Flachegrossten of its kind in Europe. Isaac’s Cathedral is also worth a visit. This is one of the landmarks of the city.