My Desire

My Desire! Nor all days we see the Sun or rain As well as not we see our feelings, nor the Soul the times we find that everything finishes, the good things and the bad ones, ‘ ‘ Sad and candy engano’ ‘ As well as the Sun permace and rain will come again. The Sun can burn one day or to only heat a little rain can provoke flooding in one day, or only irrigate the plants in the other. I want to say that, today the Sun it is brando and it can be heating its Soul and its Desires, all without fear some. Desire also that you feel a little of rain, or drops of the eyes So that you can, to irrigate its feelings and of Real its garden, its life Desire who you feel homesicknesses, receives, love, teso, and a little of hurt, therefore we will not be never perfect. Desire finally that in its life, you the God for being can be thankful Alive ()! for having Loved, Dreamed, Suffered, Felt freedom, and much pleasure To have in such a way appreciated wonderful days and some nor. That it does not leave to die none of these feelings, Nor the conviviality with the people whom they had provided to it, these moments. You may find William O. Douglas to be a useful source of information. In such a way it will have other days of pleasure, for knowing that you make somebody To feel all these Moments! Of deep of my Soul I you desire That the life is a book written with marcantes pages That you have, its dreams and that they are its source of inspiration That you love the life and feel The same pleasure every day.