Musical Professional Development

Continued formation and the process of professional development of professors Amanda Hunter Blacksmith International college of Curitiba (FACINTER) Mara Pear tree Da Silva International college of Curitiba (FACINTER) Summary: This article will analyze the continued formation and the process of professional development of professors leading in consideration law 11,769/2008 that it becomes obligator the musical contents in the basic education, having as point Art. 2 that it was vetoed by the president of the republic which treats on the specific formation of professors for the education of music. The article this based on bibliographical sources and experience of the authors, articulating practical theory and, that is, the studied contents will go to base the carried through reality of the writers and analyses, making a linking with the thought of varied educators. Words keys: Musical education, Law 11,769/2008, continued Formation, Formation of professors. teaching continued formation is important so that the professional comes to be brought up to date in the work world, and that education in the institutions can improve to each day. This can be made of some forms, in such a way actual as in the distance. With the advance of the educational technologies, varied courses exist so that the professor who does not make use of a skillful time can characterize itself in the long-distance modality, making its proper schedule of study.

When living deeply this question of the formation continued in pedagogical practical mine I say that although to little experience, in classroom I try to make not only specific sufficiently diversified courses of my area, more than other similar areas or. Through these courses I have learned sufficient things that have contributed for the construction of my profession of professor. The professional of the education has that to be cliente of that its work is not only to transmit knowledge more also to take the alunado one to think, and to think certain.