Movie Producers

Sell movies on the Internet with the producers against illegal discharges and the blockbusters in endangered, studies are still analyzing how to be profitable in the network. Now, sell movies on the Internet goes to the rescue with its thousands of daily users. The big studios have not closed still agreements, so the offer is reduced. Service, at the moment only in United States, costs less than three euros per film, with issuance by streaming (viewing without downloads), without advertising and with a margin of viewing up to 72 hours. In Spain, pay to see a movie over the Internet is crazy, but there are already different sites that offer this service.With a catalog of nearly thousand films, it offers the possibility of rent (for a few euros) or buy titles.

Jose Monleon, director of new technologies of Filmax, acknowledges that demand is growing, although it remains limited. But it’s a market with potential, and soon many movies be released directly in the network.The Spanish market: other pages he began renting and selling movies to download, but the imposition of anti-copy made them incompatible with a system and didn’t satisfy users. So the new version opts for streaming and renting to 1.39 euros. The more sollicitadas? Children’s, erotic films. In the future there will be more websites of this style digital technology, even if it is a big threat, also offers advantages to these establishments. You can enable a dialogue with customers to know what movies want to contemplate, thus eliminating the obligation to have a large archive of movies, often only decorative useful.