Modern Entertainment Centers

Most likely, no one would argue that the basis of a profitable and thriving business these days – it's thought out and profitable commercial or warehouse space. It can be said, the main strategic point which must be taken into attention initially. The convenient location will help bring you a lot of target customers, to remove the problem of finding your company to new customers, etc. All the advantages of this issue and certainly not describe. Rent a shopping mall – this is the correct and rational step is profitable businessman. In such a room as possible to remove the area under the entertainment divisions (cafes, game clubs), or for offices that are often located in separate places special. The merits of such a lease is very much: first, that a large number of potential buyers who attend the entire mall, and secondly, it is well-developed infrastructure with all the advantages (security, fire alarm, etc.), often, is to rent near the metro, which will certainly support the inflow of visitors.

For example, a shopping center "feely" at a distance of 120 meters from the metro station 'Bagrationovskaya' – it Two minutes' walk. The complex was built in response to long-term plan of the city administration of Moscow arrangement of the areas under the catering and entertainment complex family recreation area. The total area of the building more than 5000 m2. The complex shall be retail, office and storage space, many of which are quite finished and have all the necessary communications. 'Centre' of this complex is the retail and office complex that provides tenants of 3000 m2 of office space with thoughtful entrances to car infrastructure.

Near the object is parking for 500 cars. Please more reasonable prices in the area and numerous rental discounts. Center of the object are already working entertainment area (billiards, etc.), which already have many customers and clients. Renting space in such a facility, you can enjoy reliable and high quality support base for growth of the business. Next to the building described the intensive construction and development of both residential and office large rooms. VIP clients is available a special set of office-retail space, warehouse, which leased at a lower cost.