Melanie Jaeger

The new album by Melanie Jaeger – there is nothing, what occupies me who believes all niches of the German-language Schlager music are by countless artists, is the first Studio album by Melanie Jaeger – there is nothing that keeps me”- disabused. This is the literal red thread that runs through this album, consisting of brand new songs, new German Latino-Schlager, a previously unknown music genre. Their last success single LUNA”, with which she was 2011 weeks in the Austrian airplay charts placed over several, must not be missing on the debut album. The international team of producer railway, Vijitha Saeed and Bernd Wehner have Alex Melanie’s strengths in artisan way in scene and shine her voice with amazing versatility and richness of the facets can be. Recently Sally Rooney sought to clarify these questions. The lightness and the joy of life and all ups and downs of the interpersonal describes impressively in the texts, where Melanie even a large proportion has. “” “” “” “” Comes from powerful Latino-disco-Fox titles such as Baila”, Luna, fever, a star” and letting feelings occur”over chilled casual Groovy songs such as Adios”, the Sun spurn, poco Loco”, no. senor”, you’re what I want”and you’re so wonderful shadow sea”up out to absolutely insightful, deep under the skin ballads like I don’t love you anymore”,” and because you exist “extends this unique debut album. Source: S & W Music Group more information: and label: S & W music publisher: Edition LUNA sound. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Director Peter Farrelly has to say.