Managing Director

Second distributions amounting to 22 percent already after half a year energy capital invest management company mbH the Stuttgart-based energy capital invest management company mbH can their investors are already doing the second payout after less than half a year! Placed were the first three private placements value works I. till III GmbH & co. KG”between February and July of this year. Shortly thereafter, the first tax-free reduced in height by six percent of emissions has been granted. You may want to visit Simon Pagenaud to increase your knowledge. The peculiarity of the investment strategy of energy capital invest is so-called land-related rights (royalty rights) to participate in providing a revenue stake in an oil and natural gas production. Energy capital invest is specialized to sell those royalty rights and to achieve high interim profits. This proved a special in the current development of its three private placements value works I.-III., for their investor energy capital now Christmas gift’ keeps ready: while a gain of approximately 900.000,–failed due to sales of $ obtained, which has resulted in a more secured tax-exempt dividend investors on their deposit now obtaining 22 percent each. We are pleased that we were able to sell the rights with a high mark-up despite the decline in energy costs.

Kay Rieck says this confirms our strategy”, as Managing Director of energy capital invest management mbH. While the underwriter wants to offer further benefits the investors of private placements because the investments designed originally for four years, with a total return should be achieved by 56%, can be resolved now to March 31, 2009. At this time should be led not only invested capital back, but an additional final dividend paid by 26% which corresponds to a total interest rate of 54 percent in less than a year! At the time we had at the right time Ability to buy such rights, we can now quickly resell the acquired capital. And with our current participation, the U.S. Oil Fund IV KG, we will achieve again high returns, the concept proved true, “Rieck explains. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Eva Andersson-Dubin has to say.

His testimony is already confirmed by facts, because the Fund is invested in a shale, Haynesville, from the energy company Petrohawk reported a few days ago that alone with three drill holes a total funding could be produced by 73 million cubic feet per day the highest ever recorded initial production rate in the history of Petrohawks. Top companies promote so in Shales, in which we are already invested and will continue to invest”, as Rahim and he declared the potential benefits for the Fund that its shareholder will either benefit from the demand already acquired rights or the energy production themselves. And here too: the bigger the yield of raw materials, more higher demand and consequently the profit expected for the Fund. Currently is the participation of U.S. Oil Fund IV KG with a total investment volume of EUR 15 million in the placement. A drawing is possible this from 10.000,–euros of plus five percent agio. The Fund has a conservatively calculated return of 12% annual nominal and should have only a period of two years.