Maki Maki Sushi

Food choices for nigiri is quite large, but mostly used crab, spicy tuna and shrimp. Maki Maki – one of the most remarkable types of sushi. At first, many beginners want to try the vegetarian rolls, which, in my opinion, are fairly inept form of poppies. Best poppies are made from pieces of fish, crabs or Shrimp, mixed in a sauce tempura>> with slices of avocado, cucumber and other vegetables, wrapped in a plate of rice or seaweed. The structural combination of tender raw fish, fresh sauce tempura>> and vegetable yields wonderful taste.

Cones horse – it's really poppies, which do not cut into slices. As the name implies, to form this type of sushi is a cone and served with the same ingredients as the Maquis. The difference is that that they are eaten with the fingers rather than chopsticks. So with what else you can eat or serve sushi? Seasoning for sushi Whether you dine in the restaurant or ordered home, sushi is always served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger. Depending on the combination these three ingredients and sushi, there are three different theories: most people just take your chopsticks and dip them in green, spicy wasabi, while the other rubbed the sauce over the sushi. According to another view, you should do separate the sauce by pouring soy sauce into a small dish and stir in him a good bit of wasabi until completely dissolved (the surest way – approx. editor). Those who prefer to make a separate sauce, just before serving, add ginger to it.

Some prefer just to put the pieces of ginger directly on the land, while others eat it separately and used as a flavoring converter, in order to fully enjoy the taste of the next piece of land. Additives to sushi tempura (tempura) – this is an excellent choice. The additive consists of vegetables, shrimp or crabs, fried in a very tasty special dough made from water, flour and eggs. Another popular and tasty addition are deep fried crab cakes. Generally speaking, the great land filling, but tasty addition is always better to try before the main course. What drink with sushi traditional drink to be submitted together with the land is sake. Sake – a white wine made from fermented rice and is best served warmed to a temperature somewhere between room temperature and boiling point. Warm sake to taste very good and, frankly, after his head knocks. San-antonio-spurs wanted to know more. Incidentally, your passion for sake can be similar to an addiction to blame, and may be very different. Here's an example: I prefer chilled white wine, but drink sake warm. Decide for yourself. In any case, sake is not for everyone because, like sushi, he has specific tastes. Sake is a good alternative to a good cold beer. My favorite Japanese beer is "Sapporo" (Sapporo) – white beer served in a beautiful high silver goblet. More one popular beer is "Kirin" (Kirin) – fairly well-known beer brand, which is brewed across the globe. Notes: 1. Thanks to modern technology cleaning rice premium-grade sake, can not heat up and serve cool. This does not mean that drinking warm sake is wrong – it's just a matter of taste. 2. Horse is usually not called "horse", and even a chef in a restaurant usually calls them maki or rolls to eat with his hands.