Madrid National Ballet

Outstanding Dismissed of " The Lake of the Cisnes" in Madrid. Mario Passes 2 of October of 2011 23:30, Spectacular goodbye of Alicia and its lake in Madrid. October 2011/Lunes/Mario Passes 12:56 the Lake of the Swans 9 5 Commentaries 1 2 3 4 Average: 4,8 Votes: 10 After concluding its successful presentations, of that incunable that is the lake of cisne" , with choreography of Alicia Alonso on the original one of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, music Piotr Ilich Chaikovski and stage scene of Ricardo Reimena, in the theater the Channel of the Spanish capital, the National Ballet of Cuba Can feel more than satisfied with the obtained results, demonstrating that incommensurable one of the dance that is madame Alonso, has been able with its trusteeship to guide them by the way of the perfection, by something is internationally considered Divine of the Dance ; with a hearing outside the normal thing, concerning five days consecutive and one double function, the B.N.C once again demonstrated that as far as quality, style, discipline, technique and ends it talks about, at this moment no they have world-wide rival, this considering that as soon as they had receso of the past presentations of Ashen, splendid proposal of that great coregrafo that is Pedro Consuegra. As he is habitual by that it is respected if it wants to write seriously on the subject, I went to all the functions, with the aim of being able to value the different lists. The wonder began Wednesday 28 with Viengsay Valds and Alexander Virelles in the protagnicos rolls, both were agreed to the prestige of the institution, with an ideal line, I dance without great technical shows, free of which from my point of view can carry the evil easily dance taste. Consecutively the following night, the pair Sadaise Arencibia-Arin Oil mill handled another type of interpretation, dancing of ideal physicist, already knew their Odette, without the smaller doubt in the work their better moment, although this time I sail very worthy in Odile, maturing remarkably its interpretation, the young Oil mill, for my totally not known is a new promise very to explode, of that form he would win in scenic consistency, probably in the future very near was spoken to much envelope.