Lucian Chart

The join with astronomy for the simple reason that we use astrology as a starting point or “mother of all predictions” to the Charter called Astral (or Natal), which represents, in figurative language, the picture of the planetary positions in axis space / time basis. That is, a chart (or Natal) is a photograph of the sky, made for the day, time, and from the specific location of your birth. In this star map identifies the positions of Sun, Moon and planets in relation to the sky and the horizon of the place of birth, and the distances of these stars together. In addition, the Charter Astral no different than it is an astronomical chart, as the tables used for calculating and drawing are the same as used by astronomers, adapted to the latest technology and computing. Finally, we did join Astrology to Statistics on the ground in the language astrology each planet has (for its symbolism and specific energy) impact and practical effect in the real world, proven in multiple pre-natal and maps previously studied.

The practical effect is known through what is called the 12 houses land, or twelve fields of activities and different events in life, those sectors in which the planets, according to the strength level and quality of your vibration “celestial” (ie, depending on their zodiacal position), are located and that energy deposited into our earthly life, turning your “light” or “shadow” peculiar to situations, people or specific areas of our life such as health, relationships, friends and entertainment, our income, travel the possibility of having children and our relationship with them, the world of work and career prospects, our intellect and our psychological services, relations with our close relatives, the possibility of receiving inheritances, etc.).. For example, if the vibration radical, explosive and maverick of the planet Uranus is located in a natal chart in the industry or House 7th, regulating marriage and partnerships, unless Uranus get in that position connections or support positive from other sectors and planets, the astrologer knows it is established that such person is at high risk of (or cause) divorce in their relationships or their professional associations. These perspectives would change completely if the sector 7 hand raised at the magnanimous and optimistic Jupiter or vibration refined, pleasant and sweet Venus.

Then the forecasts would be significantly more positive. Here is therefore well worth used in this ancient science, for, as I said Lucian, “anticipate the joys while strengthening people against evil.” Given the difficulties they sometimes encounter in life unexpectedly, it is good to know that there is a path of true self-knowledge and self-discovery. Far from the medieval fatalism, which considered the influence of the stars inevitable and unchangeable, Modern Astrology Astral considers the Charter as a “roadmap” for life, a possible route to follow, which the native can, with its will build on and be guided by the opportunities advertised, or change and modify, in the sense to avoid problems by pulling on the other hand, finding shortcuts, etc. This is therefore a valid tool for life, and each reading you do it you will discover new things about yourself, and that every astrologer to consult and carry your chart will enable new nuances and points of view on it..