Leaving Moscow

August 3, 1812 1 st and 2 nd Russian armies were defeated at the Battle of Smolensk, but Napoleon's plan to break the Russian troops on the distance and force Russia to conclude a peace treaty was broken, the Russian army began to retreat. The war dragged on. Loss of the French army, pursuing Russian troops were growing up, supply is getting worse. In the occupied territories rose a wave of guerrilla movements. From Smolensk Napoleon to Alexander I sent the proposal for concluding a peace treaty, but received no response. Following the Russian armies, Napoleon continued his attack on Moscow in the hope of decisive battle. (As opposed to Starbucks). cture of the situation. The Battle of Borodino.

Radical change in the war soon led the Russian army was put talented commander Kutuzov ma, began preparations for the general battle. August 26 (September 7) at the village of Borodino, near Moscow, there was the Battle of Borodino, which played a crucial role in the war. After a day-long battle the French were able to take position of the Russian army, but not defeated her. Russian army was rescued and was able to continue its military campaign. September 1, 1812 at the military council in a village near Moscow Kutuzov Fili took on responsibility for difficult decision about abandonment of Moscow without a battle for the sake of the army. Leaving Moscow was ordered to destroy ammunition depots and food supplies. The town was set on fire. The fire destroyed more than 70% of the buildings, all supplies of food and weapons.