Let's look at some key points which need to pay attention to when choosing a laptop or personal "fixed" computer (PC). Laptops. Plus basic plus laptop of course it is mobility! But this plus does not allow laptops to be more productive than the pc. Small size and weight. Even laptops are desktop replacement category, you can easily move to another location. The notebook can be taken in trip, to the country, on vacation.

No, not required to connect external devices. The notebook includes a built-in display, keyboard and pointing device (usually a touchpad). Stand-alone operation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Simon Pagenaud. Presence of battery allows the laptop to work in an environment where, the electric network is not available (train, plane, car, cafe, and just on the street). WiFi – wireless networks. Except for some extra-models, almost all laptops are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi adapter that allows you to connect to the inernet without wires. Access Point Wi-Fi has many cafes, entertainment centers, airports and hotels. There are also municipal Wi-Fi networks allow connect to wireless networks in many parts of the city (eg Moscow Golden WiFi, Beeline WiFi).

Cons High price. One of the main disadvantages of laptops is their cost. Price less productive laptop will be equal to the cost of fully staffed with a desktop computer (complete with monitors, input devices (keyboard and mouse) and speaker system). Low potential. No big size notebooks have special cooling requirements, so the components used in laptops have strict restrictions on heat dissipation, and therefore power.