Insect collection in the city of Kirov periodically show. But one that, on his way from St. Petersburg, guests in the hall now museum in thieves while he did not know equal – the beauty, diversity and cognition. Looking at these bizarre creatures, can be figured out that there is at least one more proof of the existence of God: butterfly. Well, could not these perfect shapes and patterns by themselves, without a supreme plan to appear in nature, which in general is no different bright colors! If it is a product of evolution, then, in terms of beauty, – its peak. Man, ill animal, a butterfly, certainly not compared. What can I say, if some representatives of the wings of his subtle pattern, and color resemble a map! Not accidentally, almost all without exception, entomologists – the fans.

Usually they are not interested in the life of nothing else – just the new rare instances, as they say, or purchase. Approximately tell about the owner of the current collection of Sergei Chastilove, which, as they say, even from his family due to his enthusiasm declined, and lives in the suburbs without basic amenities: not to trifle. The collection not only butterflies, but also terribly attractive giant beetles, spiders, vozdushnokrylye dragonflies, scorpions, and even skolopendra! A locust storm the fields, it appears, simply beautiful. and There is one amazing creation, one reveler: His first calculated logically, and then we found out. Nose, or proboscis, at this small babochkovidnogo insect is 28 cm (otherwise it does not pollinate glukoky orchid) and on the back of something like a skull mug. People are really afraid as a bad sign! But the super-rare – butterfly hermaphrodite with different wings. Born and survive to adulthood is one of 30,000; same in rubles, By the way, and costs. By gathering all sorts of insects attached amusing information – say, the wedding dress her daughter Rothschild, which all have been collected from the precious pearl wings flyers (million dollars).

Or on law of one southern state in the U.S. punishes what you inadvertently flushed from tree litter butterflies zimovalnits. Kirovchane apparently already proznali about the merits of the collection of Mr. Chastilova (and in fact show first opened). Corr 'BH' witness: in the midst of the working day here wandering about some people, carefully reading the accompanying text that actually rare. – The fact that families are coming, this is understandable – the director of the hall Ludmila . – But most to I was amazing: there are even men, young men with girls. The contingent, which is usually at the exhibition does not entice. And it does not hurry anywhere, it happens, two hours is considered.