Jurgen Klopp

Making Kloppo with obvious success there, as he is affectionately called by fans, no differences between world stars a la Raul or the young kickers of the League: I don’t think that cash shoots gates. It is the desire, the motivation, the in Each burn, which can be seen in the whole team. Basically it here too much like when you the HMI, also when I’m six or General and have achieved almost everything, I need every day newly motivate me and my performance. I’m not, I’m good though and a superstar, but maybe only half as successful. If the superstars properly motivate itself, find the right attitude, then which are also back up front at the end of the season with their clubs. “I guess this just to many sixes of the HMI: have achieved everything, but still on the square and want to recover every day.” Jurgen Klopp is an exceptional personality, strategic and human that shows up also for the HMI again and again with each quick meeting with him. So the former ball artist answers confidently and everything else as reckless on the question of the HMI, whether the Borussia Dortmund the Championship trophy now virtually sure would have: also I work as autumn champion, that in the second half the breath isn’t from us.

What for us a football season, is the year of production for the HMI. Here you must work also to keep the success over the whole distance and not too soon resting on his laurels, because it can backfire easily.” One year comes to an end, the season hasn’t it long. Without losing sight of the goal ever, each game is played so as would be the last. Jurgen Klopp, a brand Ambassador for the HMI as he could not be better. And not only his athletic success, but also the economic, the HMI has achieved with the help of each individual is happy the HMI. And so the probably most relevant words out of Kloppos mouth which can come as well from Ludger Griese, Board who had life insurance, ERGO there are in this context: it’s just great, what the boys do. I am very happy for them, finally hangs my heart at this club.” About the HMI the HMI is one of the most successful sales organizations of the ERGO Insurance Group. ERGO it is worldwide in more than 30 countries represented, in Germany it counts over all divisions across the market leaders. How to contact with HMI Anina Frahm overseas ring 45 22297 Hamburg Tel.: 0 of 40 63 76-3831