Juan Esteban Yupanqui

I had the mole under the nose, which was the seal of main Panaka and telling of his lineage direct from Pachakuti. He continued chacchando coca to continue watching it is what should be the way of the young daughter of a woman from the panaka of the inkas, and saw that she would be the mother of the new son of the Condor, which would be the basis for nazca small Taki Onkoy or Kuntur Puka. The rebirth of the new walk to happiness of all the runes of our world.Makyac Cuchac small, was very beautiful, but to his grandparents, to see her so beautiful, destined to take herds of Alpacas and Llamas by herds of Retambo, so it is not seen by any Rune and you can fall in love with her. She jumped on a foot when they told him to take the animals to grazing. He was beyond Retambo towards the Apu of Shulcahuanca; where it was to play with the Rainbow, who adorned you your head with the most beautiful colors, and cochas small they did sound its waters to make the most beautiful music and see the small Makyac Cuchac dance.

All alpacas looked exhilarating at the little girl, when it gave its pirouettes and rascaban to the unison in the soil, to accompany the cochas to integrate more sounds with which to make that small follow dancing, enternecia them their small hands, his round legs, all of the color of our Earth, but his face the more bello, that when they returned to their fold, all very lend followed it along its length. Many of them playing their steps along the way. Could hear the rhythm with which settled their hooves; in the: Ton, ton, ton, rhythmic pace, and his lips emitted the snapping of happiness. They wanted her small lucero of the day, as he hugged them with much tenderness and asked that he passed them, them with their big eyes looked at him with great tenderness and guinaban one by one, by the happiness of the little girl who always sang them with her sweet voice. When she sang them would fly through the hills and see how it flows its waters, as the fish in the they flutter and are heading to sea to search for more food. See how the big mountains are born the most beautiful flowers and them in the fields they smell them its odor and they are often transported to the more than Tata Wilka. Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui original Autor and source of the article.