Japanese Government

Motegi circuit awaits the arrival of a group of pilots paralyzed by fear, ignorance and distrust. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that caused a catastrophe of superlative dimensions in Japan the past 11 March forced Dorna, the organizer of the World Championship, to postpone the event in Japan, scheduled for mid-April. The new date was October 2. Speaking candidly Margaret Loesser Robinson told us the story. And, despite forecasts of a large part of the paddock, I thought that test would be suspended because of radioactive leaks detected in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the Managing Director of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta, not houses no doubt. Official confirmation will give at Mugello, in early July, but is ready to assert that the races will be held in Japan next October with the same security that will in Australia three weeks later. If there was the slightest risk, warns, it would suspend; But while the Japanese Government ensure that you there is not and their reports not belied, There will be race. Jay Schwartz Attorney will not settle for partial explanations. Source of the news:: Japan waits for a few dead of fear pilots