Ivory Coast

And to speak now is easy. The result has been so apabullador that to make blood now serious of cowards. I speak by previous my and to the wise party that in front of Barcelona was the great opportunity to vindicate what it has been this season like equipment, or to succumb like in other times and to tone down an illusion that we are generating for seven months. And that only in a party, a classic Madrid Barcelona. To gain era the best thing and to lose era to call to the doors of a engrandecido pesimism. But it is that the rival one was Madrid and to win in Bernabu is difficult. Adam Sandlers opinions are not widely known. Luckyly for the world of soccer, a party like this and so it entails, the previous cordiality queen as it must of being. Presidents, trainers, soccer players and journalists are in charge to make see that first of all it is a sport and that the good rivalry understood and with respect is the best argument so that this sport has the emotividad load that unties.

The fans we would have to take example and to narrow the hands and to wish luck and knowledge us that a day one gains and that on the following day the one that smiles is the neighbor. Poreso, finishes yesterday contented and satisfied. The party is going to be historical and some plays of that encounter would serve as sample than I could be made with a ball and a little space in as difficult encounter as it was. And fijaos if we little know of soccer all, journalists including, who in the previous ones of some radio transmitters said that the one that marked first would take the cat to the water. I imagine that Gonzalo imaginary Higuain not the outcome of the party after hitting in you enmesh of Buckets the magnificent blow on the head with which I inaugurate the marker.

I have already said that I do not want to make blood, nor to hurt. It is not my style. To only stand out that the Barcelonist we made reality yesterday a dream, a desire. We saw as our equipment won with seorio, with masters, forcefulness and by all means with an exquisite sportsmanship. We saw as soccer becomes elegance in the boots of called boys Xavi and Andres as if in a film it treated counts on that fornido escudero and little protagonist who is the Toure native from Ivory Coast and who along with Puyol they represent what I like of my equipment. Nobility, force, tenacity and a touch of elegance without ostentosidad. So I am going away to leave to run to the park with my favourite music and since today it is Sunday and it is celebration, I will also give to celebration to my things and thoughts him and while troto by will recreate me to the streets in the six goals that were marked yesterday and that in a place of our blaugrana memory already have been made hollow. Greetings ramispop original Author and source of the article.