Is The Director Responsible For Everything?

Who is the director? Someone who is an important person? Who gets the big salary? Who has authority? Maybe. But it’s not all. Let’s consider the word “director”. Director – Manager, Head companies and enterprises. If you have read about San Antonio Spurs already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Traditionally, the director (head) – the highest position in the organization, empowering choice of development strategy, personnel management, debugging, financial flows of the company, etc. But is it really? Do managers of small and medium business strategic management, the company’s development, the development of other business areas, how much time remains on vacation, a family?

At present, Day formed the opinion – if the person is the leader, businessman and entrepreneur, he must work hard to verify each step of staff to make decisions for employees – after all who better manager knows what to do, and who but he will be responsible for your decisions. And, unfortunately, the managers themselves having other ideas about their role: to do everything yourself, alone, not to remodel again, believing in his control your business, delving into all the questions and decisions must be made scrutineer subordinates do not need to know why they had something roundelay subordinates must carry out any assigned to them employees must work harder, because they can be trusted with the implementation of many develop and agree an action plan and self implementation should implement the majority of employees subordinate to others also believe that someone the power in that responsibility, ie you head – that is responsible for solving all problems. In connection with this opinion subordinate (Employees) and behave accordingly, for example, refers to a subordinate supervisor for advice, forcing decisions or solve problems that are the responsibility of a subordinate, officer pretending to be stupid so that others carried out his work, keep away from the employee manual to refer to the fact that they do not direct, it does not help anyone, no one would listen and do not want, etc., will be pleased to take over many orders, but when trying to get him some concrete results, refers to the congestion, listing all that he had been piled up, the head is provided incomplete information, reported only that the interests of the employee; deliberate concentration in the hands of the employee experience, job skills training, information on a specific area of work and an unwillingness to share it with newcomers and other employees; proposed solution is presented as a slave only possible, it is often already blackmail occurrence of such opinion and relevant situations caused by improper organization of the work both directly by director and his staff.. Tony Parker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.