Internet Marketing

But to make the product – it’s not even half the battle, and 20-30%. 70-80% is spent on a client to consume this product. Ie 70-80% of the money deposited in the consumer’s distribution system – from intermediaries. To deepen your understanding Tony Parker is the source. Differences from traditional CM (corporate) marketing beginning stage of production: The Corporation uses the network intermediaries-organizations GRID COMPANY – network intermediaries consumer. Note that when we talk about the currently existing marketing system, constantly use the term ‘traditional’. And if think about it, the concept of Tradition – this is the legacy of previous generations.

I want to say that the existing system currently marketing the fact that the majority is taken for granted as the sacred was not such a the past and will remain so in the future. Each level of society has its own economic relations – economic evolution: 1) shop-shop 2) store 3) supermarket 4) All hypermarket, they swam. Further coarsen and concentrate nowhere, unless you agree to live within MEGAmarketGORODA, but not by accident dinosaurs were also dead-end branch of evolution. The rate of technological progress is constantly growing and this is ‘Pull’ for a rest – the old forms of marketing have evolved and new ones appear. => Inevitably, the emergence of new forms of marketing – fast (flexible) and distributed (as close as possible to the consumer): Internet Marketing, MLM. Now we live in a global society of commodity overproduction. Can not all have noticed, but we’re already in it. Now, advanced producer is not fighting for market share, and for ‘share of mind’.

And the personal nature of relationship with a client who is in the SM, it becomes a tangible advantage in this fight. ======= From the book “Funky Business”: In a fragmented world, niches are getting smaller. The increasing role of individual orders in coupled with advances in technology and changes in the value system means that mikrorynki begin to predominate over the mass market.