Internal Communication Can Life For A Start-Up Or

By establishing development of sustainability in companies such as everything starts every business is based on a good idea. The founder, often alone, has a dream and is working hard to achieve this. He has discipline, perseverance and a goal in front. A company is so out of his idea. The company is small, works with the founder to sell his idea to his staff. You need to share a dream.

And stay motivated frequently with a lot of work and little money. Sam Feldman has similar goals. Why should it be different when the company is even bigger? This first time, where the founder is even present, communicates directly with the employees and lives, how to work there, the start-up phase of the corporate culture in science “called. From a dream into a nightmare, the company writes only black numbers, the press reported the ingenious business idea, there are more and more customers and employees. The dream comes true. The company needs then more and more people. You need experts. These bring the expertise, but they fit in the corporate culture? Or: How can they internalize these corporate culture? The founder may be not longer everywhere.

At this point, the star of many successful Start-Ups begins to sink. Experts and officers come into the team, working only for themselves. And not with each other. This leads to internal disputes, to the double translation tasks, to communication failures and discontent. All things that cost a lot of money. And where is the dream? The transition to sustainable thinking mostly unsustainable thinks a small Start-Up. And it cannot afford to so something also. Whether the idea will succeed, whether next month will come more jobs? This is about the struggle for attention and for survival. All the channels that provide visibility, must be switched on permanently. It is issued only for growth. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always still with a few injuries”restart with a different concept. But grow with the company also the challenges.