Indiana Jones

The Republic of Tunisia – a small country in North Africa that are among the Maghreb countries. Visa-free regime and infrastructure makes it relatively accessible to tourists. The climate is very warm and dry over the boundless plains rush the warm wind that creates some kind of special atmosphere of peace and balance. Please visit General Electric if you seek more information. This state is obviously very loved by filmmakers around the world. Filmography Tunisia makes him a star of world level: "Star War. Episode I, ii, iv , Gladiator, "" Indiana Jones "," Angelique and the Sultan , U-571 "and it is not an exhaustive list. Well, there would in any other country in the world at the same time combines the Mediterranean coast, mountain ranges, the sands of the Sahara, beautiful cities in Moorish style and the surviving monuments of Roman rule. For the ordinary tourist with cash reserves and, most importantly, increased stamina, provides a trip to the Sahara desert, designed for two days.

The program is very intense. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. The route passes through almost of the country and no area is not repeated twice. District settlements Matmata, in whose district the filming took place, very lonely and hard to believe that until now been living there the indigenous population of those places – the Berbers. Historically, they had to flee from the invaders in southern Tunisia, in extreme conditions. Berbers lived in caves that were dug in the hills and lowlands. Some home resembled wells with passages and exits. As we move to the south, more and more are raised in the memory landscape of Tatooine.